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Grinning God

Beasts of the Dissonance Vol. 1

Beasts of the Dissonance Vol. 1

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Journey into the Depths: Unleash Dark Sky's Secrets 

Venture forth into the shadows with this dark fantasy masterpiece - a 5E compatible tome of over 200 enthralling pages, adorned with stunning illustrations that will haunt your dreams. Prepare to wield the power of the brand-new leasher class with 5 sub-classes, and summon creatures from the dissonance, crafting unforgettable encounters that will echo through the ages. If you seek the allure of dark fantasy and demand nothing less than excellence, this is the ultimate addition to your collection.

Unlock the Enigma: Immerse yourself in the haunting short-story, a glimpse into the treacherous world of Dark Sky, where darkness and intrigue intertwine.

Embrace the Shadows: Unravel the mysteries of the all-new class and its 5 subclasses, intricately designed to reflect the creatures' essence and tailored to fit your unique playstyle.

Creatures of Nightmarish Lore: With over 45 5E compatible creatures awaiting your summons, prepare to challenge your wit and cunning in battles that will define your epic saga.

A Work of Dark Art: Pages designed with chilling precision emphasize the haunting artwork, pulling you deeper into the abyss with every turn. Don't resist the temptation - order this masterpiece now and embark on a journey you will never forget.

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